OpenFLUID on the web, refreshed

 December 13, 2017  |   J.C. Fabre

The OpenFLUID web sites have been completely redesigned. The main idea that leads to this major refresh was to improve navigation and give a more simple access to informations, with a renewed design. Both the web and community sites has been rewritten.

The main OpenFLUID site has been rewritten using the Hugo website generator. Hugo is a powerful and popular tool to statically generate websites from Markdown content and HTML/Javascript templates.

The OpenFLUID Community site has been rewritten using the Mkdocs generator oriented for building documentations. It is also based on Markdown documents on which a theme is applied with a navigation menu.

We hope these improvements will help the users to build better scientific landscape models and run many simulations with OpenFLUID
We now encourage you to discover both of these sites, and give us your feedback. You can contribute to the Community site through the GitHub repository. Because these sites are also yours!

By the way, we are really sorry for the french-speaking people visiting this web site as we do not provide a multilingual site anymore. It was too much time spent to maintain the translations for both english and french.

And one more thing… Merry Christmas 🎅 🎄 🎁 … and Happy New Year! 🎉 🍾