OpenFLUID 2.1.5 released

 February 6, 2018  |   J.C. Fabre

OpenFLUID 2.1.5 is available for download.
This version proposes UI improvements such as a new development dashboard and a parameterization assistant for the Gnuplot observer. It also fixes some annoying bugs such as GDAL types compatibility.
You may consult the changelog for full details about this new version.

This version is a major step in Qt usage as Qt5 is now used on all systems. Before this version, Qt4 was used on Linux systems while Qt5 was used on MacOS and Windows. So Linux users may check the installation instructions for Linux to take into account the new Qt5 dependency.

The models developers may note that the aggregated headers (openfluid/core.hpp, openfluid/base.hpp, openfluid/tools.hpp, …) are now deprecated as included headers in the source code of simulators, observers and builder-extensions. They should be replaced by the header corresponding to the specific class you use (openfluid/tools/DataHelpers.hpp, openfluid/core/MapValue.hpp, …). This replacement is not mandatory as the aggregated headers are deprecated and not removed, but in some cases your source code may not compile if you do not performs this repacement.

The MacOS installation has also evolve and now uses the Brew installation manager. So we encourage the MacOS users to consult the installation instructions for MacOS. Note that the MacOS installation process is still not considered as fully stable and verified.

Have funny simulations! ✨