OpenFLUID 2.1.6 released

 September 4, 2018  |   J.C. Fabre

OpenFLUID 2.1.6 is available for download.
As announced in a previous post, this releases brings many improvements and bugs fixes. You may consult the complete release notes for full details about this new version.

This release is mainly focused on improvements in the OpenFLUID-DevStudio environment for development of simulators, observers and builder-extensions : introduction of parallel builds to speed up compilation time, add of an easy-to-use button to generate documentation of simulators, fix of keyboard shortcuts to simplify usage of main commands in DevStudio, …

This release also introduces a new API to make easier the binding of OpenFLUID with external tools and programming languages. Using this new API, the ROpenFLUID package for R has been refactored and new bindings were introduced as previews for future developments : to Python through PyOpenFLUID package and to Node.js/Javascript through OpenFLUIDjs module .

Many other features and bugs fixes are also included in this release, you can consult the full list in the release notes for the 2.1.6 version.

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