OpenFLUID in containers : Back to the Future

 September 24, 2018  |   J.C. Fabre

OpenFLUID is now also distributed as software containers images for Docker and Singularity systems. It is available for various OpenFLUID releases. The containerization of OpenFLUID provides an alternative way to deploy OpenFLUID. It is also an easy way to reuse older OpenFLUID versions for a revival of deprecated simulators.

These containers images include the complete OpenFLUID platform software : framework, command-line application, Builder and DevStudio graphical applications. The ROpenFLUID package and the R environment are also included.
The instructions to use these images are available on the dedicated community page. Both Docker and Singularity images use the OpenFLUID repository on DockerHub to instanciate OpenFLUID containers.

Now, you can turn on the flux capacitor, turn up the car stereo, speed up to 88mph and go Back to the OpenFLUID Future!