OpenFLUID 2.1.8 released

 April 25, 2019  |   J.C. Fabre

OpenFLUID 2.1.8 is available for download.
You may consult the complete release notes for full details about this new version.

This version of OpenFLUID proposes new features and bugs fixes. The main new features are located in the spatial tab of OpenFLUID-Builder. Map view and spatial attributes table components are now synchronized : a selection in any of these components is automatically set in other related components, and single or multiple items can be selected. In map view, the width of linear spatial objects can now be adjusted.

Starting with this version 2.1.8, the MHYDAS model is now bundled with OpenFLUID and available for use out-of-the box and does not require the installation of any supplementary package anymore. More models will be bundled with OpenFLUID in the future.

On the graphic side, the OpenFLUID logo and icon has been revamped.

Important note : As the examples bundled with OpenFLUID have evolved, if you are already an OpenFLUID user, it is recommended to force a reinstallation of the examples once you have installed this new version. To force a reinstallation of the examples, open OpenFLUID-Builder. From the welcome screen, go to the Help > Examples menu and click on Reinstall examples projects.

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released on April 25, 2019



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