OpenFLUID 2.1.9 released

 October 17, 2019  |   J.C. Fabre

OpenFLUID 2.1.9 is available for download.
You may consult the highlights video and the release notes for full details about this new version.
With this release, the OpenFLUID team publishes the fair use charter of the OpenFLUID platform, available in english and french. This charter provides a shared framework to OpenFLUID users for a better use and collaboration with the platform.

The version 2.1.9 includes some new features and bug fixes. The main new features are an observer to export data in a multi-columns CSV format, a mode in OpenFLUID-Builder to run simulations as a separate process, an experimental feature to embed and execute R source code in simulators. It also provides minor new features and bug fixes.

The highlights video shows a quick overview of these new features in action

List of changes

released on October 17, 2019





Core API


Misc and Internals