Environment variables and command line usage

Table of Contents

Environment variables

The OpenFLUID framework takes into account the following environment variables (if they are set in the current running environment):

Command line usage

Usage : openfluid [<command>] [<options>] [<args>]

Available commands:

Available options:

Running simulations

Run a simulation from a project or an input dataset.

Usage : openfluid run [<options>] [<args>]

Available options:

Example of running a simulation from an input dataset:

openfluid run /path/to/dataset /path/to/results

Example of running a simulation from a project:

openfluid run /path/to/project

Wares reporting

Display informations about available wares

Usage : openfluid report [<options>] [<args>]

Available options:

Example of detailed reporting about available simulators:

openfluid report simulators

Example of reporting as a list about available observers:

openfluid report observers --list


Show search paths for wares

Usage : openfluid show-paths [<options>] [<args>]

Available options:


Execute a buddy. Available buddies are newsim, newdata, sim2doc, examples

Usage : openfluid buddy [<options>] [<args>]

Available options: