Spatial Modelling in Landscapes

a Software Platform

OpenFLUID is a fully featured environment for spatial modelling of landscapes dynamics.
The modelling and simulation cycle can be implemented with OpenFLUID, from model development to executions and analyses of simulations.

For a Community

With OpenFLUID, you can collaborate by sharing models and data, and build multidisciplinary coupled models.
The OpenFLUID Community site provides a rich documentation, tips and online support for better use of OpenFLUID.

Many Applications

Modelling and simulation can be performed at various landscapes and time scales using the OpenFLUID framework.
Many applications have already been achieved in domains such as hydrology, agronomy, pollution and other environmental sciences, for research and operational purposes.

Free and Open-source

OpenFLUID is free and open-source software distributed under the GPL license.
All the platform source code is available on Github.

Stay Tuned

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