modelling fluxes in landscapes

A software platform

OpenFLUID has been developed as a software platform dedicated to the scientific modelling of landscapes functionning.
It offers a complete sofware environment for development, capitalization, coupling and execution of spatial models
OpenFLUID is free software and is licensed under the GPL license. The source code is available on Github.

Many applications

OpenFLUID has been used for spatial modelling at various landscapes scales in the domain of hydrology, agronomy, environment, ...
It has been applied on many sites in various climatic areas (tempered, mediterranean, tropical, ...).
Many models has been developped using the OpenFLUID development environment and executed through the OpenFLUID simulation environment.

For a community

OpenFLUID is a useful platform to collaborate, to share models and data, and to build multidisciplinary coupled models.
To help users and groups to achieve their works, we provide a rich documentation, advices and recipes to use OpenFLUID better. We also provide online support.
All is available on the Community site.

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