OpenFLUID 2.1.10 released

 August 12, 2020  |   J.C. Fabre

OpenFLUID 2.1.10 is available for download.
This version brings useful new features such as the ability to colorize simulators in OpenFLUID-Builder, the execution of external tools from OpenFLUID-Devstudio, or the support of 3D geometries when integrating spatial data from GIS. It also improves internal robustness and fixes various bugs.

The highlights video for the 2.1.10 version shows a quick overview of these new features in action. You may also consult the list of changes below for details.

This version 2.1.10 is the last of the the 2.1.xx release cycle. 🏁
The OpenFLUID team is now focused on the development of the 2.2.xx release cycle which will bring strong improvements, such as native use of GIS data in input datasets, easy sharing of source codes between simulators, modernization of the platform simulation engine… and much more!

List of changes

released on August 12, 2020




Command line



Misc and Internals