Fair use
Last update on 2019-10-16

The OpenFLUID platform is a software environment for spatial modeling in landscapes. This environment facilitates the development, capitalization, sharing and reuse of models by and for scientists, public and private partners.
Created for scientific research, the OpenFLUID platform can also be used for operational applications. It is distributed as open-source software under GPLv3 license.
The purpose of this charter is to provide a shared framework for the use of OpenFLUID and related developments, while respecting the competencies, roles and property of each actor.


Platform engineers are in charge of designing, developing and making available the platform and associated resources. They are mainly members of the OpenFLUID team.
Modeler-developers design and develop simulators and couplings of simulators to create models.
Users run model-based simulations.
In addition, the Strategic Orientation Committee and the Users’ Scientific Committee support the scientific and technical developments of the platform.


The use of the platform implies acceptance of this charter. The use must be done in accordance with the expected uses for the platform, respecting licenses and properties.
The OpenFLUID team offers support to the users of the platform with training courses, help and online resources. However, the team cannot guarantee this assistance and is under no obligation to provide it. Users are strongly encouraged to contact the OpenFLUID team to share the usages and applications made, or for any use that goes beyond what is specified by the GPLv3 license or contained in this charter.
The results obtained using the OpenFLUID platform, as well as their interpretations, are the exclusive responsibility of the user.

Contributions Derivations

Modeler-developers are responsible for the simulators, observers and builder-extensions they have developed. They are responsible for their distribution and possible user support.
Modeler-developers and users are encouraged to share their creations to foster multidisciplinary synergies. A model repository can be opened for the modeler-developers to facilitate this sharing (contact the OpenFLUID team).
Any potential contributor to the platform is invited to contact the OpenFLUID team.
Any creation of new software by derivation or integration of all or part of the platform must be agreed with the rights holders (contact the OpenFLUID team)

Property Valorisation

The OpenFLUID platform is owned by INRAE and Montpellier SupAgro, registered under the number IDDN.FR.001.360006.000.R.P.2009.000.30100
Simulators, observers and builder-extensions, as well as coupled models, are the property of their designers and developers or their rights holders.
When promoting work involving the OpenFLUID platform, the following reference must be mentioned:
Fabre, J.C. and Louchart, X. and Moussa, R. and Dag├Ęs, C. and Colin, F. and Rabotin, M. and Raclot, D. and Lagacherie, P. and Voltz M., 2010. OpenFLUID: a software environment for modelling fluxes in landscapes. LANDMOD2010.