openfluid::base::FunctionSignature Struct Reference

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Public Member Functions

 FunctionSignature ()
void setSDKVersion (FuncVersion_t Version)

Public Attributes

FuncID_t ID
FuncName_t Name
std::string Description
FuncDomain_t Domain
FuncProcess_t Process
FuncMethod_t Method
FuncVersion_t Version
FuncStatus_t Status
std::string SDKVersion
std::string Author
std::string AuthorEmail
SignatureHandledData HandledData
SignatureHandledUnitsGraph HandledUnitsGraph

Detailed Description

Structure encapsulating the plugin signature, returned from the plugin to the host app for registering

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

openfluid::base::FunctionSignature::FunctionSignature (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void openfluid::base::FunctionSignature::setSDKVersion ( FuncVersion_t  Version  )  [inline]

Member Data Documentation

Author's name

Author's email

Plugin Description

Plugin domain (i.e. hydrology, pop, erosion, ...)

Handled data

Handled units graph

Function ID

Plugin involved method (i.e. morel-seytoux, hayami, ...)

Plugin name

Plugin simulated process (i.e. surface rainfall-runoff production, ditch infiltration, ...)

SDK version number used to build the function

Development status

Plug-in version number

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