openfluid::machine::ModelInstance Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 ModelInstance (openfluid::machine::SimulationBlob &SimulationBlob, openfluid::machine::MachineListener *Listener)
 ~ModelInstance ()
void appendItem (ModelItemInstance *ItemInstance)
void insertItem (ModelItemInstance *ItemInstance, unsigned int Position)
void deleteItem (unsigned int Position)
void clear ()
unsigned int getItemsCount () const
const std::list
< ModelItemInstance * > & 
getItems () const
void initLoggers () const
bool call_initParams () const
bool call_prepareData () const
bool call_checkConsistency () const
bool call_initializeRun (const openfluid::base::SimulationInfo *SimInfo) const
bool call_runStep (const openfluid::base::SimulationStatus *SimStatus) const
bool call_finalizeRun (const openfluid::base::SimulationInfo *SimInfo) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

openfluid::machine::ModelInstance::ModelInstance ( openfluid::machine::SimulationBlob SimulationBlob,
openfluid::machine::MachineListener Listener 
openfluid::machine::ModelInstance::~ModelInstance (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void openfluid::machine::ModelInstance::appendItem ( ModelItemInstance ItemInstance  ) 
bool openfluid::machine::ModelInstance::call_checkConsistency (  )  const
bool openfluid::machine::ModelInstance::call_finalizeRun ( const openfluid::base::SimulationInfo SimInfo  )  const
bool openfluid::machine::ModelInstance::call_initializeRun ( const openfluid::base::SimulationInfo SimInfo  )  const
bool openfluid::machine::ModelInstance::call_initParams (  )  const
bool openfluid::machine::ModelInstance::call_prepareData (  )  const
bool openfluid::machine::ModelInstance::call_runStep ( const openfluid::base::SimulationStatus SimStatus  )  const
void openfluid::machine::ModelInstance::clear (  ) 
void openfluid::machine::ModelInstance::deleteItem ( unsigned int  Position  ) 

Delete the ModelItemInstance located at the given postion (positions starts at index 0), and remove it from the ModelInstance

[in] Position the position
const std::list<ModelItemInstance*>& openfluid::machine::ModelInstance::getItems (  )  const [inline]
unsigned int openfluid::machine::ModelInstance::getItemsCount (  )  const [inline]
void openfluid::machine::ModelInstance::initLoggers (  )  const
void openfluid::machine::ModelInstance::insertItem ( ModelItemInstance ItemInstance,
unsigned int  Position 

Insert a ModelItemInstance before the given postion (positions starts at index 0)

[in] ItemInstance the ModelItemInstance to insert
[in] Position the position

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