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openfluid::core::GeoRasterValue Class Reference

#include <core/GeoRasterValue.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 GeoRasterValue (const std::string &FilePath, const std::string &FileName)
 ~GeoRasterValue ()
openfluid::core::UnstructuredValue::UnstructuredType getType () const
GDALDataset * data ()
std::string getAbsolutePath ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from openfluid::core::GeoValue
 GeoValue (const std::string &FilePath, const std::string &FileName)
virtual ~GeoValue ()=0
std::string getFilePath ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from openfluid::core::UnstructuredValue
 UnstructuredValue ()
virtual ~UnstructuredValue ()

Protected Member Functions

void tryToOpenSource ()

Protected Attributes

GDALDataset * mp_Data
- Protected Attributes inherited from openfluid::core::GeoValue
std::string m_FilePath
std::string m_FileName
std::string m_AbsolutePath

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from openfluid::core::UnstructuredValue
enum  UnstructuredType { GeoVectorValue, GeoRasterValue }
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from openfluid::core::GeoValue
static std::string computeAbsolutePath (const std::string &FilePath, const std::string &FileName)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from openfluid::core::UnstructuredValue
static bool getValueTypeFromString (const std::string &ValueTypeString, UnstructuredValue::UnstructuredType &ValueType)
static std::string getStringFromValueType (const UnstructuredValue::UnstructuredType ValueType)

Detailed Description

Container class for geospatial raster data represented by a GDAL dataset.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

openfluid::core::GeoRasterValue::GeoRasterValue ( const std::string &  FilePath,
const std::string &  FileName 

Creates a new value. The FileName may be the name of a .jpeg, .tiff, .img or .asc file... It doesn't open the associated GDAL dataset.

[in]FilePathThe path of the file(s).
[in]FileNameThe name or the relative path of the file to open.
openfluid::core::GeoRasterValue::~GeoRasterValue ( )

Closes the opened GDAL dataset.

Member Function Documentation

GDALDataset* openfluid::core::GeoRasterValue::data ( )

Gets the associated opened GDAL dataset in read-only access. If the dataset is not already opened, tries to open it first.

The opened GDAL dataset.
openfluid::base::FrameworkExceptionif GDAL doesn't succeed to open the dataset.
std::string openfluid::core::GeoRasterValue::getAbsolutePath ( )

Returns the absolute Path of this GeoRasterValue.

openfluid::core::UnstructuredValue::UnstructuredType openfluid::core::GeoRasterValue::getType ( ) const
void openfluid::core::GeoRasterValue::tryToOpenSource ( )

Open the GDALDataset of this GeoRasterValue.

openfluid::base::FrameworkExceptionif GDAL doesn't succeed to open the datasource.

Implements openfluid::core::GeoValue.

Member Data Documentation

GDALDataset* openfluid::core::GeoRasterValue::mp_Data

The GDALDataset associated to this GeoRasterValue.

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