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openfluid::ui::common::PathsManagementWidget Class Reference

#include <ui/common/PathsManagementWidget.hpp>

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void pathsUpdated ()

Public Member Functions

 PathsManagementWidget (QWidget *Parent=nullptr)
 ~PathsManagementWidget ()
QStringList getPathsList () const
void setPathsList (const QStringList &Paths)
void setAllowEmpty (bool Empty)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

openfluid::ui::common::PathsManagementWidget::PathsManagementWidget ( QWidget *  Parent = nullptr)
openfluid::ui::common::PathsManagementWidget::~PathsManagementWidget ( )

Member Function Documentation

QStringList openfluid::ui::common::PathsManagementWidget::getPathsList ( ) const

Returns the ordered list of paths

The ordered lists of paths
void openfluid::ui::common::PathsManagementWidget::pathsUpdated ( )
void openfluid::ui::common::PathsManagementWidget::setAllowEmpty ( bool  Empty)

Sets if empty paths list is allowed. If set to false, at least one path must remains in the list and cannot be removed.

[in]EmptyThe flag to allow an empty paths list
void openfluid::ui::common::PathsManagementWidget::setPathsList ( const QStringList &  Paths)

Sets the ordered list of paths. Existing paths in the list are removed before setting the paths list

[in]PathsThe ordered lists of paths

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