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openfluid::utils::RESTClient Class Reference

#include <utils/RESTClient.hpp>


class  Reply
class  SSLConfiguration

Public Member Functions

 RESTClient ()
 ~RESTClient ()
void setBaseURL (const QString &URL)
QString getBaseURL () const
void setSSLConfiguration (const SSLConfiguration &Config)
SSLConfiguration getSSLConfiguration () const
Reply getResource (const QString &Path) const
Reply postResource (const QString &Path, const QString &Data) const
Reply putResource (const QString &Path, const QString &Data) const
Reply patchResource (const QString &Path, const QString &Data) const
Reply deleteResource (const QString &Path, const QString &Data) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

openfluid::utils::RESTClient::RESTClient ( )
openfluid::utils::RESTClient::~RESTClient ( )

Member Function Documentation

Reply openfluid::utils::RESTClient::deleteResource ( const QString &  Path,
const QString &  Data 
) const
QString openfluid::utils::RESTClient::getBaseURL ( ) const
Reply openfluid::utils::RESTClient::getResource ( const QString &  Path) const
SSLConfiguration openfluid::utils::RESTClient::getSSLConfiguration ( ) const
Reply openfluid::utils::RESTClient::patchResource ( const QString &  Path,
const QString &  Data 
) const
Reply openfluid::utils::RESTClient::postResource ( const QString &  Path,
const QString &  Data 
) const
Reply openfluid::utils::RESTClient::putResource ( const QString &  Path,
const QString &  Data 
) const
void openfluid::utils::RESTClient::setBaseURL ( const QString &  URL)
void openfluid::utils::RESTClient::setSSLConfiguration ( const SSLConfiguration Config)

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