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openfluid::core::ValuesBuffer Class Reference

#include <core/ValuesBuffer.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 ValuesBuffer ()
 ~ValuesBuffer ()
bool getValue (const TimeIndex_t &anIndex, Value *aValue) const
Valuevalue (const TimeIndex_t &anIndex) const
ValuecurrentValue () const
TimeIndex_t getCurrentIndex () const
bool isValueExist (const TimeIndex_t &anIndex) const
bool getCurrentValue (Value *aValue) const
bool getLatestIndexedValue (IndexedValue &IndValue) const
bool getLatestIndexedValues (const TimeIndex_t &anIndex, IndexedValueList &IndValueList) const
bool getIndexedValues (const TimeIndex_t &aBeginIndex, const TimeIndex_t &anEndIndex, IndexedValueList &IndValueList) const
bool modifyValue (const TimeIndex_t &anIndex, const Value &aValue)
bool modifyCurrentValue (const Value &aValue)
bool appendValue (const TimeIndex_t &anIndex, const Value &aValue)
unsigned int getValuesCount () const
void displayStatus (std::ostream &OStream) const
void displayContent (std::ostream &OStream) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from openfluid::core::ValuesBufferProperties
static unsigned int getBufferSize ()
static void setBufferSize (const unsigned int aBufferSize)
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from openfluid::core::ValuesBufferProperties
static unsigned int BufferSize

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

openfluid::core::ValuesBuffer::ValuesBuffer ( )
openfluid::core::ValuesBuffer::~ValuesBuffer ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool openfluid::core::ValuesBuffer::appendValue ( const TimeIndex_t anIndex,
const Value aValue 
Value* openfluid::core::ValuesBuffer::currentValue ( ) const
void openfluid::core::ValuesBuffer::displayContent ( std::ostream &  OStream) const
void openfluid::core::ValuesBuffer::displayStatus ( std::ostream &  OStream) const
TimeIndex_t openfluid::core::ValuesBuffer::getCurrentIndex ( ) const
bool openfluid::core::ValuesBuffer::getCurrentValue ( Value aValue) const
bool openfluid::core::ValuesBuffer::getIndexedValues ( const TimeIndex_t aBeginIndex,
const TimeIndex_t anEndIndex,
IndexedValueList IndValueList 
) const
bool openfluid::core::ValuesBuffer::getLatestIndexedValue ( IndexedValue IndValue) const
bool openfluid::core::ValuesBuffer::getLatestIndexedValues ( const TimeIndex_t anIndex,
IndexedValueList IndValueList 
) const
bool openfluid::core::ValuesBuffer::getValue ( const TimeIndex_t anIndex,
Value aValue 
) const
unsigned int openfluid::core::ValuesBuffer::getValuesCount ( ) const
bool openfluid::core::ValuesBuffer::isValueExist ( const TimeIndex_t anIndex) const
bool openfluid::core::ValuesBuffer::modifyCurrentValue ( const Value aValue)
bool openfluid::core::ValuesBuffer::modifyValue ( const TimeIndex_t anIndex,
const Value aValue 
Value* openfluid::core::ValuesBuffer::value ( const TimeIndex_t anIndex) const

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