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openfluid::waresdev::WareSrcContainer Class Reference

#include <waresdev/WareSrcContainer.hpp>

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Public Types

enum  ConfigMode { ConfigMode::CONFIG_DEBUG, ConfigMode::CONFIG_RELEASE }
enum  BuildMode { BuildMode::BUILD_WITHINSTALL, BuildMode::BUILD_NOINSTALL }


void processFinished ()

Public Member Functions

 WareSrcContainer (const QString &AbsolutePath, openfluid::ware::WareType Type, const QString &WareName)
 ~WareSrcContainer ()
void update ()
QStringList getDefaultFilesPaths ()
QString getAbsolutePath () const
openfluid::ware::WareType getType () const
QString getName () const
QString getTypeSubDir () const
QString getMainCppPath () const
QString getUiParamCppPath () const
QString getCMakeConfigPath () const
QString getCMakeListsPath () const
QString getJsonPath () const
void setMsgStream (openfluid::waresdev::WareSrcMsgStream &Stream)
void setConfigMode (ConfigMode Mode)
void setBuildMode (BuildMode Mode)
void configure ()
void build ()
QList< WareSrcMsgParser::WareSrcMsggetMessages ()

Static Public Member Functions

static QString searchMainCppFileName (const QString &CMakeFileContent)
static QString searchUiParamCppFileName (const QString &CMakeFileContent)

Member Enumeration Documentation


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

openfluid::waresdev::WareSrcContainer::WareSrcContainer ( const QString &  AbsolutePath,
openfluid::ware::WareType  Type,
const QString &  WareName 
openfluid::waresdev::WareSrcContainer::~WareSrcContainer ( )

Member Function Documentation

void openfluid::waresdev::WareSrcContainer::build ( )
void openfluid::waresdev::WareSrcContainer::configure ( )
QString openfluid::waresdev::WareSrcContainer::getAbsolutePath ( ) const
QString openfluid::waresdev::WareSrcContainer::getCMakeConfigPath ( ) const

Returns the absolute path of the CMake config file, if this file exists, otherwise an empty string

QString openfluid::waresdev::WareSrcContainer::getCMakeListsPath ( ) const

Returns the absolute path of the CMakeLists.txt file, if this file exists, otherwise an empty string

QStringList openfluid::waresdev::WareSrcContainer::getDefaultFilesPaths ( )

Return the absolute paths of:

  • the CMake config file if it exists on disk,
  • the main .cpp file as set in the CMakeLists.txt, if this .cpp exists on disk. If no .cpp file was found (because it doesn't exists, it wasn't found in CMake file, or CMake file doesn't exist):
  • the first .cpp file found in this ware directory (not recursive).
    a list of existing absolute paths into this ware directory. It can be empty.
QString openfluid::waresdev::WareSrcContainer::getJsonPath ( ) const

Returns the absolute path of the wareshub.json file, if this file exists, otherwise an empty string

QString openfluid::waresdev::WareSrcContainer::getMainCppPath ( ) const

Returns the absolute path of the main .cpp as set in the CMake config file, if this .cpp file exists, otherwise an empty string

QList<WareSrcMsgParser::WareSrcMsg> openfluid::waresdev::WareSrcContainer::getMessages ( )
QString openfluid::waresdev::WareSrcContainer::getName ( ) const
openfluid::ware::WareType openfluid::waresdev::WareSrcContainer::getType ( ) const
QString openfluid::waresdev::WareSrcContainer::getTypeSubDir ( ) const
QString openfluid::waresdev::WareSrcContainer::getUiParamCppPath ( ) const

Returns the absolute path of the ui-parameterization .cpp as set in the CMake config file, if this .cpp file exists, otherwise an empty string

void openfluid::waresdev::WareSrcContainer::processFinished ( )
static QString openfluid::waresdev::WareSrcContainer::searchMainCppFileName ( const QString &  CMakeFileContent)
static QString openfluid::waresdev::WareSrcContainer::searchUiParamCppFileName ( const QString &  CMakeFileContent)
void openfluid::waresdev::WareSrcContainer::setBuildMode ( BuildMode  Mode)
void openfluid::waresdev::WareSrcContainer::setConfigMode ( ConfigMode  Mode)
void openfluid::waresdev::WareSrcContainer::setMsgStream ( openfluid::waresdev::WareSrcMsgStream Stream)
void openfluid::waresdev::WareSrcContainer::update ( )

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