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MiscHelpers.hpp File Reference
#include <vector>
#include <string>
#include <cmath>
#include <openfluid/dllexport.hpp>
#include <openfluid/core/TypeDefs.hpp>
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#define STRINGIFY(x)
#define XSTRINGIFY(x)


bool OPENFLUID_API openfluid::tools::matchWithWildcard (const std::string &Pattern, const std::string &Str)
std::string OPENFLUID_API openfluid::tools::replaceEmptyString (std::string SourceStr, const std::string &ReplaceStr)
std::string OPENFLUID_API openfluid::tools::removeTrailingSlashes (const std::string &Str)
int OPENFLUID_API openfluid::tools::compareVersions (const std::string &VersionA, const std::string &VersionB, bool Strict=true)
void OPENFLUID_API openfluid::tools::millisleep (const unsigned long MSec)
void OPENFLUID_API openfluid::tools::microsleep (const unsigned long USec)
std::string OPENFLUID_API openfluid::tools::generatePseudoUniqueIdentifier (const unsigned int Length)

Detailed Description

Jean-Christophe Fabre

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#define STRINGIFY (   x)
#define XSTRINGIFY (   x)